You know in movies how the fat person is always eating and can’t go more than a few hours between meals? I’m that person. I admit that a lot of the eating I do is out of habit and not hunger. But in the last few years something else has been happening. If I go too long without eating suddenly I feel like I might pass out. I get shaky, irritable and sweaty. I start to panic about where I can find food because I need to eat now. It’s not a fun feeling. The problem lately is that it has been happening far more often and sometimes only an hour or two after eating a decent meal. The latest incident was last weekend.

I ate what I thought was a decent lunch of a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread and washed it down with some delicious chocolate milk. An hour later I was out at the shops running some errands. I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up a DVD. For whatever reason, Shopper’s keeps all of the new DVD’s behind the counter instead of stocking them with the crappy $10 ones. I had to ask a cashier to grab me a copy of “It’s Complicated” (don’t judge, it’s a good movie). She looked confused and said, “Whaaat?” I did my best not to yell. “The DVD of It’s Complicated, it’s right there on the left.” What I really wanted to do was scream at her, “It’s Complicated! The DVD that was on sale in your flyer last week, it’s right fucking there behind you, don’t you know where your stock is kept?!” I was infuriated.

It was around this time that I noticed I felt shaky and tired but I tried to brush it off. I ran across the street to the grocery store and had another rage inducing exchange, this time with a cashier who so busy flirting with a co-worker that he kept holding onto my change instead of just giving it to me.

Finally I made it home. I was really not feeling good. I felt like I wanted to flop down on my couch and yet there was no reason for me to feel so exhausted. I was still shaking so after a while I decided to eat some cantaloupe to get my blood sugar up. I ate slowly, spooning up mouthfuls of fruit until I finally felt full. And then I promptly threw up. That was a first.

I looked up the symptoms of hypoglycemia and all the symptoms were there. Irritability, feeling faint, sweating, shaking, nausea and vomiting. Luckily I was able to see my doctor who is awesome and never dismisses my health concerns. After talking to him we decided that I would
a) get referred to a nutritionist
b) start monitoring my blood sugar during and after these incidents with a glucometer
c) write a food diary to try to make any connections between what I have eaten and how I feel
d) do my best to start cutting out sugary foods and drinks

I think these are all great suggestions. Today was the first day of writing in my food diary and amazingly I was completely honest. I wrote down the organic yogurt and blackberries I had as a snack as well as the key lime soda I had with dinner (I know, I know). I have to admit that most of my reasons for wanting to lose weight are completely about vanity but for the first time in my life I’m really starting to see the effect it is having on my health. I’m interested in seeing where this all leads.