Ah, temptation. So many people who have successfully lost weight will tell you that it isn’t all about willpower and avoiding temptation. But let’s be honest, a huge part of eating healthy really is about overcoming temptation. I was doing really well with not feeling tempted until recently. The first time was on Monday night after my evening class. As I made my way down to the subway I was forced to pass by Mrs. Field’s. Oh yeah, Mrs. Field’s purveyor of moist cookies, dry brownies and something addictive called a “peanut butter dream bar”. I wanted a brownie. I wasn’t even hungry but I slowed down as I walked past the place, salivating over the different types of brownies they might have. Chocolate fudge, rocky road, pecan and walnut? So many choices! Luckily I managed to hold back. In fact, it was actually after I walked away that I reminded myself that the last time I had a brownie (actually it was brownie bites) from Mrs. Field’s it wasn’t very enjoyable at all. It was dry and not very fudge-y. I have a rule that if I am going to consume calories they had better taste amazing and not be mediocre. This is why I don’t eat whipped cream either.

I was really proud of myself for surpassing temptation and making my way home. But last night I had yet another bout of temptation. This time I debated for nearly two hours whether or not to go to the corner store and buy an Oreo ice cream sandwich. Two hours. But after all the humming and hawing I decided against it. I still had a snack because I was feeling hungry but at least it wasn’t an Oreo ice cream sandwich.

So here’s the score:

me 2
temptation 0

And in honour of all this talk of temptation I’m going to post a certain song by The Tea Party that will take us back to a simpler time, a better time. Okay, not really, I think this song came out in 1997. Either way, enjoy!