The Last Supper is a concept that once only applied to Jesus and prison inmates on death row. But several times over the last five years I’ve had my own version of the last supper. As you can probably guess I always looked at last suppers as one last hurrah, the final time that I would be able to scarf down a load of fast food and chocolate before I had to give it up forever. It was usually a frightening scene that involved me inhaling a Whopper with cheese and extra mayo or a Gordita with Fries Supreme on the side. After that I would eat at least four varieties of chocolate (further explained in my chocoholic post) and then pass out in a salt, fat and sugar induced coma. Okay, maybe that last part didn’t happen. Oddly enough, telling myself that I wouldn’t be able to eat entire categories of food (and yes, Taco Bell is a category) didn’t turn out very well and usually within a week or two I was right back to my old ways of overeating and eating unhealthy food every single day.

Now I have a new strategy. Although I wrote earlier about my addiction to chocolate I have come to realize that my life will be a lot easier if I allow myself to eat dark chocolate daily. Once again, dark chocolate is easier because 1) I never actually crave it and 2) it’s not the kind of chocolate that I want to gorge on. As for the other foods, for me it’s really a matter of knowing how often I can eat them. Sometimes it actually requires willpower for me to just keep walking past the fast food and wait until I can eat a healthy alternative. But occasionally I will allow myself to chow down on a burger. I’ve also been trying to limit my burger eating to places that use fresh organic beef as opposed to eating the frankenfood at McDonald’s.

I’m not going to say that this is incredibly easy. I still get cravings. But I’m getting better at only indulging occasionally instead of going for fatty foods day after day. It’s a lot better than fully banning all of the unhealthy food and then later waking up confused in a pile of Burger King wrappers with no idea how I got there.