Weight – 274

Yep, that’s right, not only have I gained everything back but I am now two pounds over my starting weight. But before the questions start, I have to be completely honest. I’m on my period. And if you don’t want to hear about it then I suggest you click on another entry. So here’s the deal. Most women I know gain anywhere between 1 and 7 pounds during their period. It’s not a matter of “I’m on my period therefore I am eating like a pig therefore I gained weight.” It’s more a matter of water weight and lord knows what else. It seems to take over my body and no matter what I do I can’t avoid it. That isn’t to say that I have completely stayed on track. On Friday I allowed myself to have a cheeseburger and beer battered onion rings from a locally renowned burger place. It certainly satisfied my craving for beef. I also indulged in some overpriced chocolates. But for the most part, my eating hasn’t been that bad.

It’s kind of strange. On the one hand there are some very real cravings that I get every month. On the other hand, I think a large part of my period eating (aka eating everything in sight because “I’m on my period, leave me alone!”) was actually kind of in my head. I don’t really need five chocolate bars, a pint of Haagen-Dazs, a large pizza and a bowl of popcorn slathered in butter. While I admit to occasionally wanting those foods I rarely actually want them all at once. So what’s been interesting this time around is actually listening to my body. Yes I wanted a burger but I also discovered another strong craving; for fruit salad. Yep, after all that beef I was also fantasizing about juicy watermelon, plump grapes and sweet cantaloupe. So I went out and got some.

And in addition to that I’m also shocked at how not hungry I’ve been. Every night I’ve been thinking about having a bowl of popcorn when I watch television but you know what? I keep finding that after dinner I’m not all that hungry. So I don’t have any. It might sound crazy but for me this is groundbreaking.