Sometimes it seems like all the big projects in my city get delayed because of “unforeseen circumstances”. For instance, Toronto was all set to go ahead with a revolutionary light rail transit system until the provincial government decided that they didn’t really want to part with $8.3 billion dollars. Now the project seems to be hanging in limbo.

I often fear the same thing happening with my weight, that I’ll get to a certain point and then bam! Unforeseen circumstances. But if I’m going to be honest with myself, I have to admit that I can see from a hundred miles away what some of my biggest challenges will be. So as always I am now going to jot them down in a list.

1. School. University eats up a lot of time. I’m not content to merely pass my classes, I want to excel in them. During the months of November and March (essay writing time) my apartment usually transforms into a confusing dusty maze of clothing, junk mail and pizza boxes. Somehow everything ends up on the floor and I spend the entire month trying to subsist on pizza, Chinese takeout and Red Bull. It’s not pretty. And then by December and April , I am busy trying to prepare myself for finals (read: cramming for everything the night before).

What’s really crazy about all this is that this is a time when my body most needs to be well fed and exercised. I should be eating more vegetables and fish that has omega 3 fats instead of fast food. And as much as I insist that I don’t have time for it, I know that half an hour on the elliptical trainer would at least temporarily melt away my stress.

So my plan is to cook ahead, freeze food and force myself to (at the very least) walk on a treadmill for half an hour. Doing this should help me stay on track as well has help me to deal with school stress.

2. Winter. I hate winter. I hate the ice, I hate the ankle deep snow and I hate the cold wind in my face. Winter is the time when I am most tempted to take the subway for just one stop or get in a cab instead of walking the 1.2 km home. Winter also makes me want to come home and eat something warm. I end up wanting comfort food whether it’s creamy soups or chicken pot pie or macaroni and cheese. It is not a time when I crave fresh, crispy salad. Once again, I think I will simply have to concentrate on cooking ahead of time but also focus on making traditional hot meals that involve some kind of meat, a vegetable and mashed potatoes. Simple but also pretty healthy.

3. The winter blahs. This is separate from winter. I am pretty sure that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Daylight Disorder. I notice that I often feel depressed and listless during the winter months which isn’t good since here in Canada winter generally goes from November to March. My mom was good enough to get me a synthetic light device that is supposed to help my mood (I think it actually works). In addition to that I’m hoping that eating better and exercising will also improve my mood.

So that’s about it. It’s not a long list but those three things tend to have a huge impact on me. I know that this will just be an issue of altering my habits. That means watching way less television (which will be easy since Law & Order was cancelled) and also not spending all my free time looking at ridiculous Tumblr accounts. But I think that if I make those changes and concentrate on making sure that I feel good that I can get through it.