Weight- 268

I’d like to take this as proof that last week’s weigh in was all water weight and dark chocolate because according to this, I have miraculously lost 6 pounds in one week. Of course I’m only down 4 pounds from my starting weight but at least I’m making progress.

Yesterday I walked a total of 7.6 kilometres. By the end of the day I was pretty exhausted, partly due to staying up late but I’m sure it was also from walking that distance. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of myself. It all started on Saturday when I saw an ad for the Arcade Fire playing a show here in Toronto. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 2004 but have never seen them play live. There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t dream of buying a concert ticket unless I knew that at least one other person would accompany me but this time I decided that I would go even if I had to go alone.

Anyway, I ended up walking all the way down to Rotate This because buying a ticket there seemed to be cheaper than buying it from the regular Ticketmaster outlet. At first I considered just going down to Queen Street and then getting on a streetcar. But I had a tummy full of shawarma and a bottle full of water and that was enough to power my walk. On the way back I got on the streetcar and then walked the few blocks home. I was beyond sweaty. I managed to take a cool shower and then pass out for a short nap.

Even though both of my parents tell me that walking is the best exercise I never used to believe them. But I may keep up with this. I can just picture it now, me walking up and down Yonge street, slathered in sunblock with a water bottle in my hand and headphones in my ears. It may just be another form of exercise to add to my routine.