Weight – 275

I wasn’t always fat. I tell myself that every so often. I think I do it maybe as a way to remind myself that I am fat because of my lifestyle. It’s not genetics, as so many other fat people claim. And unlike some people who literally have been fat their whole lives, I remember what it’s like to not be fat. For a while I’ve been wanting to explore the beginnings of my fatness because it goes back a long way. So that’s where I’ll start.

Up until the age of 9 I was an average if not skinny kid. In fact my mother often tells me that I was underweight when I was little. I’m not sure how I managed to be skinny because I remember only wanting to eat Kraft Dinner. I didn’t even care for pizza or hamburgers that much, all I wanted was macaroni and cheese. My mother blames this on the drugs. At age 2 I started having ear infections. They were horrible and painful and often required me to be on all sorts of antibiotics. A side effect of the medication was that nothing tasted good to me. Nothing, that is, except macaroni and cheese. I don’t think that I under-ate I think it’s just that food wasn’t the centre of my universe. My ear infections got worse and worse. When I was 7 I had nine ear infections in one year. My mother and doctor were worried that I could go deaf. Finally after years of ineffective treatments I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out. It turned out that the infections were starting there and then making their way up to my ears.

The operation went just fine and I stopped taking antibiotics. I also started eating a lot. My mom tells me that maybe she should have stopped me but at the time she was so thrilled to finally see me eating food that she didn’t say anything. As you can guess, this is where it all began. This was the age when people started calling me fat.