Ack! I went on vacation and pretty much forgot to mention it which is why there was no post last week. If it matters, I was a few provinces away for my cousin’s wedding which meant I had very limited computer access and no access to a scale. Which is probably for the best because I shudder to think of how my weigh in process would have gone the day after the wedding. There were three things working against me, really.

The first was the food. It was insane. I mean, maybe some people have crappy wedding food but my cousin and her husband decided to go all out and have delicious versions of almost everything imaginable. My plate ended up being a strange mix of salad, raw veggies with dressing, naan, stir fried noodles, maple glazed salmon and who knows what else. I thought that was all well and good until I saw the dessert table. It looked like something made for Marie Antoinette. There were at least six different cakes, a few pies, mousse and numerous squares, including my favourites, Nanaimo bars. And since I’ve shared what I had for the main course I may as well tell you that for dessert I had a slice of orange chocolate cake, a teeny tiny slice of pecan pie, a Nanaimo bar, a rum ball and chocolate mousse in an edible chocolate cup. Oh I forgot to mention the appetizers. Yes, before this huge smorgasbord of food they had appetizers of chicken, vegetables, cheese, crackers, deli meat and my favourite Indian appetizer, pakoras. Pakoras are a fried treat served with tamarind sauce (or ketchup for the more refined palate). Supposedly there are vegetables in pakoras but I have never seen nor tasted any in all my years of eating them. Anyway, after all this food there was actually a wedding cake but I don’t think I saw a single person eating any because I’m sure they felt just like me and thought they might explode on the dance floor if they had another bite.

Anyway, the other two things working against me the next day were my slight hangover and the fact that my cousins and I thought it would be fine to have McDonald’s for breakfast. Except that we weren’t actually awake for the breakfast part so my meal ended up being a Big Mac, fries and a few sloshes of root beer.

After all was said and done I weighed myself this morning and found that I weigh 275 pounds. Not bad considering the endless days of pre and post wedding parties and all the food and especially not bad after all the food I consumed while at the Ex (the Canadian National Exhibition) on Saturday. Yes, it was another day of gorging and I ended up having (in order) a sausage on a bun, Sprite, a corndog, a few bites of my mom’s ice cream, four perogies with full fat sour cream, two Thai spring rolls with plum sauce, and one large slice of chocolate cake with two cups of 2% milk.

Hopefully now my eating will get back to normal.