Weight – 274.5

I have a confession to make. Over the last two weeks I have been really wasteful when it comes to food. I hate even typing that out but it’s the truth. And I feel really awful about it. I grew up with parents who always tried to use up every last ounce of food we had (ie. “just scrape off the mold, the rest of the cheese is fine!”). Basically I feel like a heartless person who allowed perfectly good food to go bad while there are people who would have eaten it up in a heartbeat. (This revelation also comes from watching a news show about dumpster divers.)

So as always, I am resolving to change my ways. No more buying too much food. If I buy ingredients for a recipe I want to make, I will make it right away. And if there are too many leftovers, I will freeze them and eat them later. I actually have at least three dishes in my freezer right now which means that I have emergency food on hand for the nights when I am just too exhausted to cook. Anyway, I’m not going to go over the details of what I threw out but let’s just say that it was a lot. But like I said, from now on I will use up the food that I buy, freeze what I don’t want to eat and be sure to throw all food scraps in the organic waste bin and not in the garbage.