So, two Sundays go by without an update. I am a bad blogger. Of course, I’m also a student. Not that it matters (I’d like to think this blog is about more than just weigh ins) but my weight this morning was 273, although it kept skipping back and forth between that and 272.5.

Anyway, not surprisingly, my life has been quite crazy lately. It’s November which is essay writing month in my program. Add in the weekly readings, group work and blogging (for one horrific English class) and it all gets to be a bit much. The upside is that this week is my last week of essay writing. In fact I just have one more essay to write and then freedom is mine! Well, almost, because before long it will be time for exams. But the point is that before I know it, I will be on Christmas break, back at home, cooking and baking, decorating the Christmas tree and having marathon shopping sessions to make sure that everyone gets just the right presents.

I admit that I haven’t been eating that healthy lately (although it seems that I have been losing tiny amounts of weight each week) and I haven’t really been exercising. But I’m going to get back in the habit. I feel like I’m always saying that but I think that exercise will really help me work through the stress I’ve been experiencing with school. Plus exercise is a great way to clear my mind and that’s essential when studying. So that’s where I’m at right now.