Ever since I’ve been old enough to go grocery shopping on my own I have often reached the checkout at the supermarket and been more than a little embarrassed at what’s in my cart. Whether it’s a full blown binge of cookies, toaster strudels, mac and cheese and so on or the times that I’ve been in line at Metro late at night with an entire chocolate cake (it’s not for me, I swear) I’ve often found myself looking down, wondering what the cashier is thinking about me and hoping that the people behind me in line aren’t staring at what I’m buying. That’s why it was so refreshing this week to pull up to the checkout and feel absolutely no shame about what was in my cart. I had raspberries, onions, ginger, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, bananas, naan, honey, extra virgin olive oil, and Greek yogurt, just to name a few. I was so proud of my purchases that I was almost tempted to take a picture of the cart but I though that would be weird. But the point is, it’s funny how much my outlook can change when I make healthy choices. I didn’t care if anyone saw what was in my cart. Heck, I wanted them to see what was in my cart. I’m going to do my best to keep this up so that I no longer have the experience of going to the grocery store and hoping that the cashier will scan my purchases at lightning speed so that I can get out of there. From now on I am going to be proud of what I eat.