Weight – 269.5

I’ve been going through the archives of this blog and noticing how many times I wrote about how I need to “get back on track” and “make healthy changes”. In addition to reading the same old thing over and over it’s frustrating to also see how often my weight went up, up, up, then down, then up, repeat as needed. I recently realized how frustrating this situation is not only for me but for those around me. After a long talk with my mom I started to see things through her eyes. She spoke about how difficult it was to see me, year after year, saying that this is it, this is my year to finally change only to end up back in my old habits and gaining even more weight. Her biggest concerns are for my health and happiness, two things that are greatly tied in with my weight.

It was after this conversation that I started thinking about “I will” vs. “I am”. I am always saying things like, “I will lose weight, I will go to the gym.” I think that technically I could say that I will do almost anything. It’s a heck of a lot different than saying “I am” or “I did”. So for the past two nights I finally stopped making excuses and started doing some exercises while watching tv. It was nothing huge, I didn’t even work up much of a sweat but I was moving, stretching, and lifting weights. For once instead of saying, “I will exercise while watching tv” I was able to say “I am exercising while watching tv.” And you know what? When I called my mom to tell her about my small victory, she was equally proud.