Weight (as of Thursday) – 272

As the title of this post says, I’m going on vacation! Yaaaaay. This is actually the first time in my 8 years of having reading week that I am actually going somewhere other than my parents’ house to lay around and watch digital cable. And where am I going? India, of course. Actually not of course. Unlike most of my cousins I haven’t made a trip to the motherland since 1992 (!!!). I’m excited and nervous. I can’t wait to see how it has changed, especially in terms of technology, since my last visit.

And of course with thoughts of India come thoughts of food. First off, everyone knows that you have to be careful about where you eat in India. Luckily since I’m visiting family I’ll be able to eat at home and avoid most eating outside of the home. I will also be eating almost entirely vegetarian for the next two weeks. I’m hoping that this trip will be almost like a detox for me. There will be a lot of natural, whole foods and very little processed foods. However, I’ll still have to face a few temptations with sweets and fried foods. And not only is there temptation but it’s also considered rude to refuse food when visiting people. So here are some of the favourites that I will most likely end up eating (in moderation) while I’m in India. As always, it’s in a handy list.

1. Jalebi

I remember seeing jalebi made the last time I was in India. It’s basically a kind of batter that is poured in a design right into boiling oil. Once it’s completely deep fried it’s then soaked in sugar syrup. It used to be one of my favourites but it’s pretty sticky and sometimes over-fried. However, when done right and eaten fresh it can be so good.

2. Barfi

Don’t laugh at the name. This is one of the most delicious sweets ever. It’s best described as a type of milk fudge. Sometimes there are thin almond slices placed on top or even edible silver. There are a ton of different varieties of barfi but my favourite is the kind that pretty much melts in your mouth. Mmmm.

3. Gulab Jaman

This is yet another sweet that involves something, this time dough, being deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Occasionally I find it to be overpowering but once again, when it’s not overly fried and freshly made it can be really enjoyable. What’s even better is that some people put shredded coconut on top of it. Shredded coconut makes everything better.

4. Samosas

I would like to think that most people know about samosas but here’s my account of them anyway. I’ve grown up with samosas that are made of a potato, peas and carrot mixture that is then wrapped up in a pastry and, you guessed it, deep fried. Personally I like to eat samosas with tamarind sauce or even ketchup if I’m desperate. But these bad boys are really unhealthy. My aunt once told me that a single samosa is the caloric equivalent of a Big Mac. I believe her.

5. Fish pakora

What’s better than regular pakoras? Fish pakoras! I don’t even like fish that much but when it’s in pakora form, covered in a spicy batter and then deep fried, I find it easy to go overboard (that pun was fully intended). Just like samosas I like these best with tamarind sauce but really, I’ll take them any way I can get them.

So there’s the rundown of some foods that I will most likely come across during my trip. Perhaps when I get back I’ll do a post about the healthy stuff I was able to eat too but I thought it best to leave you salivating at the thought of deep fried sugary goodness. And since I’ve opted not to take my laptop with me to India, there won’t be any updates on here for at least the next two weeks. Happy eating!