I’ve been back from India for two weeks now and yet I haven’t really written much about my trip. So let’s start here.

See that? That’s butter. Fresh, organic, homemade butter that was made from the milk/cream of our very own cows (who are also fed organic food). Now I don’t want to sound like one of those high and mighty, must eat only organic food people (after all, I love Easy Mac) but I have to admit, there is something to be said for having fresh, homegrown and yes, organic food everyday. I loved the fact that I could actually witness the process of how our food was made. Each morning the cows were milked. A portion of the milk/cream was put into a container and then churned with an automatic churner, which caused the butter to gather at the top. And what was leftover was buttermilk aka lassi. I’m not a fan of buttermilk but it’s pretty popular in India and almost everyone in my family had a large glass of it everyday. There was also milk that was boiled every night and would later become yogurt.

In fact, I realized that almost all of the food that I ate while I was in India was homegrown. With the exception of a few items like eggs or flour, everything came from our own farm. I have to admit, now that I’m back in Canada everything just seems so…processed. Probably because it is. And yes I can buy organic butter and yogurt but it’s still not the same as having it fresh everyday. Technically I could make my own yogurt but it would still require store bought milk. It kind of made me realize why my dad has such an appreciation for home cooking and is always going on and on about the evil chemicals in North American food every time I open up a can of Chef Boyardee. After spending time living on a farm I can definitely see where my dad is coming from. I’m not about to turn into an all organic locavore but I definitely have an appreciation for seeing the production of food from beginning to end.