Almost everyday when I was in India it seemed that I had to tell my dad over and over again that I was hungry. See, the problem is that most days while I was in India were spent shopping. That may not seem like an issue but it often meant that when lunch time rolled around, we were out of the house and food options were pretty limited. Not to mention that my dad is one of those people who can go all day without eating and survive on only a few cups of tea. I usually found myself getting extremely annoyed after telling my dad that I was hungry only to be dragged to yet another store. I’m not sure what was worse. Getting overly hungry everyday or the fact that my options when eating out were usually limited to either samosas or pakoras. It would be the same as going shopping at the Eaton Centre and only being able to stop for french fries and onion rings. In fact the one North American restaurant that I missed the most while I was in India was Subway. I longed to be able to stop for a plain, uncooked sandwich with fresh vegetables on it. But I digress..

The interesting thing is that I think at times I had forgotten what it was like to actually be hungry. The fact that I couldn’t eat what I wanted, when I wanted kind of forced me to change my outlook on eating while I was in India. I only ate when I was truly hungry, something that doesn’t happen very often when I’m in Canada. I can’t say that it made eating any more enjoyable but I think it actually changed me a bit. I noticed that I was usually eating only three meals a day, and maybe one snack if I was lucky. I definitely didn’t seem to get as hungry as I normally do and it was strangely relieving to not have much choice in my meals. I never had a say in what we ate for dinner (although that doesn’t matter much because most Indian food is incredibly healthy anyway).

The challenge now is to eat the same way now that I’m back in Canada. It kind of reminds me of a book I read last summer that talked about losing weight by listening to your body and only eating when truly hungry. Food seems so different when you can’t just eat to your heart’s content. Each time I ate lunch it actually felt like I was eating for fuel, not just for fun. Now I just have to learn how to cook Indian food and I’ll be set.