It has been ages since I’ve made a real post. Originally I was going to write about how I am actually taking weight loss seriously this time and then I was going to write about my bad experience of going to Whole Foods for the first time today. Long story short, it wasn’t worth it. Most of the organic brands I saw there are available at my nearby family-run grocery store and I felt totally out of place trying to shop in ritzy Yorkville.

Anyway, here is my real entry. I am sitting here on my couch feeling pretty defeated because my country has just voted in Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative party, and this time it’s a majority vote. This is too depressing for words (check out for a never ending list of why Stephen Harper should not be in power) and suddenly I found myself just wanting to go to bed and not do anything for at least the next 24 hours. But after thinking about it for a while, I realized that part of the reason I want to stay home tomorrow is also because I need a day to just rest and do nothing.

Let me explain. Usually I have one day a week where I stay home and don’t do much of anything. It’s often on a Sunday. I watch tv (usually repeats of The Sopranos on A&E), and eat leftovers and generally take it easy. I’m not a religious person but I think the bible had it right with that whole day of rest idea. It’s really important for me to have a day where I don’t worry about accomplishing anything and I take time to laze around. It allows me to relax my mind and my body and helps me to rejuvenate so that I can take on the rest of the week.

But for the last few weeks I haven’t had one of those days. Sure I stayed in on Easter day but I spent the entire time working on the final essay of my undergrad. It definitely wan’t restful. So even though I had originally planned to go to the gym tomorrow and possibly go out, I have decided that instead I am just going to stay in. I’ll definitely be getting up late and most likely watch the fourth hour of the Today show (it’s my guilty pleasure). I’ll probably read another mindless tween book (I’m currently reading The Carrie Diaries) and heck, maybe I’ll take advantage of a free Netflix trial. I have no idea what tomorrow will entail but it will definitely be restful.