Weight – 283

Yep. That’s my weight. I am now eleven pounds heavier than when I started this blog almost one year ago. The reason is simple. For two weeks I ate virtually nothing but junk food and fast food. I had tons of cookies, cupcakes and cake. I had all manner of fast food including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W, and Pizza Pizza. It’s really not that hard to gain weight when you eat like that. Right now I’m feeling a bit like Morgan Spurlock during his Supersize Me experiment. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I actually didn’t think my weight gain would be quite so much in such a short amount of time. I’ve even started to feel some physical changes in the last week. I was getting quite a bit of lower back pain, most likely because the weight in my stomach is straining my back muscles. I was also getting stomach pains whenever I had yet another slice of greasy pizza. The pain felt like it was around my lower ribs and it shot straight through to my back. It’s kind of interesting to see just how bad the effects of unhealthy food can be.

So here I am, starting over for the hundredth time. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t feel totally bad. After all, my own personal weight loss blogging hero, Pasta Queen, blogged for about a year before finally getting into it for real. Yesterday was supposed to be my first day of eating healthy but it didn’t go so well. I had an extremely disappointing trip to Whole Foods so instead of getting ingredients to cook dinner I ended up ordering in some very fattening Indian food (note: Indian food is only healthy when it’s cooked at home and is not butter chicken). I also had some mini cupcakes leftover so I decided to finish those off. But that means that I now have no junk food in the house! The closest thing I have to junk food is the dark chocolate that actually helps me to eat chocolate in moderation because it’s satisfying.

I think I’ve done pretty well so far today. I’m a little bit hungry but I will probably eat again soon. Also, I’ve gone back to my old school ways of writing down everything I eat (hint: the healthier I eat, the less embarrassed I am about recording it). I will be finishing off the leftover Indian food tonight and then tomorrow I am actually going to cook my own healthy dinner!

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