Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I posted anything! I can’t believe I let it fly by like that. In my defense, I’ve been a bit busy lately. See I’m back at home and although I’m unemployed right now I have actually been busy. I’m busy because I’ve been helping along the plans for my brother’s wedding. I have to admit, I’m not really a wedding planner. A lot of the big things (such as booking the hall and temple) have already been done. But I have definitely been helping things along. There is so much to do! Things like trying to find a vintage car to drive around my brother and his bride on the wedding day, trying to find a DJ, setting up appointments for wedding cake tastings (I’m particularly partial to this one), reminding my dad over and over and over again that there is still a lot to be done and that no, we can’t just wait around and it should be done now.

It’s also a bit harder because Sikh weddings have more traditions. There are a few traditions that happen before the wedding and since my brother’s fiancée isn’t Indian we have to teach her and her family about them. For instance there is the maiyyan (or what I like to call “the rubdown”). This is when the bride or groom is rubbed with a kind of paste made of turmeric powder and mustard oil while the family members sing songs. This is usually done separately but since the bride isn’t Indian this ritual will probably be performed by members of my family. In addition to that there are a number of traditions on the wedding day. Before the wedding there the milni which is an official meeting of the bride and groom’s male family members. After the wedding there is the dholi, where the bride officially leaves her family’s house for the last time and then there are yet more rituals when the bride and groom arrive at the groom’s family’s house. And then of course there is the actual reception.

So when it comes to Indian weddings it’s not just a simple matter of saying “I do”, cutting a cake and then dancing all night. There are a lot of traditions that have to be carried out and it makes for a very busy few days.

The funny thing with wedding planning is that I’m finding it simultaneously fun and frustrating. It’s fun to go around and see different decor ideas, different wedding cake styles and so on. But it’s also frustrating to have not one but two people *cough* dadandbrother *cough* who are major procrastinators. I am the type of person who usually just wants to get things done as soon as possible. I figure why wait around if I can actually cross another item off my to-do list. It’s also frustrating when there are things that I simply can’d do such as negotiate the cost of food with the caterer just because I don’t speak Punjabi. But overall things are moving along okay.

I’ve been keeping track of the guest list with an Excel sheet which separates the guests by area (Vancouver, Toronto, International, Local). So far we have invited just over 400 people but we probably won’t actually have that many at the wedding. I have also learned that if you are going to have a big wedding that requires a big wedding cake then you should go to an Italian bakery. Since Italians are also used to big weddings they don’t freak out when we tell them the expected number of guests. Also I’ve been learning about the “latest trend” in Indian wedding food (samosas are out, pakoras are in).

So for anyone who was wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, there you go. I’ve just been too busy sampling butter chicken and wedding cake. Lord help my waistline!