Karl Lagerfeld is a bit of an enigma. If you don’t know who he is, Karl Lagerfeld is the current head designer at Chanel. Yep, he’s in fashion and at times he seems like every fat girl’s nightmare. See, this is the guy who is known for saying things like, “No one wants to see curvy women [on the runway]” and “You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly.” (source).

And yet this is the same man who will design one of a kind pieces for Beth Ditto, a woman who is not only famous for her band (The Gossip) but also for being totally and awesomely unapologetic about her weight.

But despite all the controversy surrounding “Kaiser Karl” there is one thing he said that I kind of like. When asked once about his 90 pound weight loss and staying slim he said that you must avoid sweatpants because they will lead you to ruin. Or rather, if you wear nothing but sweatpants you won’t notice when you gain a few pounds ergo, sweatpants are dangerous. Right now I’m feeling like living proof of that. For the last little while I’ve been wearing yoga pants almost all the time. And then one day I put on my most recent pair of jeans. And they were tight. I hate to admit it but Karl Lagerfeld was right. Now I’m not going to go as far as he does and say that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat” but I do think that it’s easy to lose track of what size you are at if everything you wear is stretchy. It reminds me of how many times the health professionals in my life have said that instead of weighing myself I should just go by how my clothes feel as a way to figure out where my body is at. Well, right now a lot of things are feeling tight so that’s not good. I have a pair of jean capris that I wear to go out but the second I get home it’s back to yoga pants. Even though I haven’t been posting much about my actual weight and my posts have been sporadic at best I am hoping to get back to the point where my jeans are actually comfortable and not tight.

In the meantime, here’s a clip from Mean Girls in case you couldn’t figure out the reference in my title.

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