*Warning: this post is going to contain TMI about a certain someone (me) getting sick to her stomach. If this kind of stuff grosses you out click yourself out of here! Or better yet, go back and read my archives.*

A week and a half ago my mother and I drove up to Toronto. After weeks of me going back and forth between my hometown and Toronto I was finally coming back for good. Until the next time of course. As always, my mom decided to drive me up here so that she would have an excuse to visit her hometown once again. My mom and I had a great weekend. We went to the annual Cabbagetown festival, she took me on a big grocery shopping trip to Loblaws and we visited one of our favourite chain restaurants, Red Lobster.

I don’t care what anyone says, Red Lobster is delicious. I live in Ontario so it’s doubtful that I will ever have access to quality seafood. Red Lobster is as good as it gets for me. I had a calorific meal consisting of caesar salad, crab cakes, shrimp in garlic sauce with cheese baked on top, shrimp linguine alfredo and of course those irresistible greasy garlic cheese buns (notice the garlic and cheese pattern?) The meal was delicious and as always I was a bit too full. But a slow walk with my mom really helped the food to digest and prompted me to resolve to walking after dinner everyday. The next day I had a lunch that included one leftover crab cake and some leftover cappelletti from the new East Side Mario’s Express that I stopped at on the highway. Cappelletti is another ridiculously rich dish. It’s basically cheese filled pasta with a rosée sauce that is then baked with more cheese on top! Once again, there’s a pattern here.

I didn’t think anything much of my lunch although I was aware of how heavy and fatty all the food was. Yep, I didn’t think anything of it until half an hour later when I felt that horrible feeling that tells you, “Run to the bathroom because you are about to throw up!” And I promptly threw up everything I had eaten. That wasn’t fun. Even then though, I thought that maybe it was just a fluke. Maybe it was the result of eating a reheated crab cake. My mom said that maybe my lunch had been too heavy and my stomach was reacting badly to it. I brushed that off until a few days later when it happened all over again. Once again I had eaten a greasy dinner (cheeseburger and onion rings) followed by a fatty lunch the next day (microwave mac and cheese). And once again, my stomach decided to tell me, “No me gusta!” in the most obvious way possible.

And because I don’t always believe my body and sometimes wonder if it’s just going through an inexplicable short phase, tonight I decided to have homemade macaroni and cheese. And then I proceeded to get sick. So I’m pretty sure that this is my body’s way of saying “no bueno” to the high fat diet that I’ve been consuming for so many years. My stomach is actually waging a revolution (or perhaps a mutiny) against me and my penchant for greasy, buttery, creamy foods. I’m a peace loving person so I’ve decided to give into my stomach and try to tone down my diet. So long cheese and butter, hello vegetables and grilled chicken. I want what my stomach wants and what my stomach wants is a low fat diet. So here we go.