A while back I wrote about “the myth of the naturally thin woman.” I was writing out of frustration that for years I actually believed that anyone who was thin was just naturally that way and did not have to work at it at all. Now, we all know that one über-thin girl who actually is like that and who may even complain that despite her best efforts she can’t gain weight. But for the majority of women, being thin involves a never ending cycle of dieting and exercise and at times it can reach extremes.

That is why I found it very refreshing when I came across this video today.

This video is about the diet that model Adriana Lima follows before the infamous Victoria’s Secret fashion show. According to the video, Lima works out twice a day and for the last nine days before the show she will only consume protein shakes and water, no solids. Finally, in the twelve hours leading up to the show she won’t even drink any liquid, a method that she says “dries out” the body. Of course, drying out is another way of saying completely dehydrating her body in the hopes of losing even a few more ounces of weight right before the show.

Now, do I think that this diet is healthy? HELL NO! But at the same time I appreciate that for once a model is being honest about her lifestyle rather than trying to convince the average woman that she eats cheeseburgers “all the time!” (seriously, I have seen way too many rail thin models say this on Fashion Television) and that she only does one hour of pilates a week to stay in shape.

I in no way endorse what Lima is doing and personally I think it sounds incredibly unhealthy. However, maybe, just maybe instead of trying to follow what a top supermodel is doing to stay thin, regular women will realize that they’d rather eat a normal healthy diet and engage in some moderate exercise and accept their body’s natural shape and size. I know it’s a long shot but a girl can dream.