Hello! I kind of feel the need to welcome anyone who has found this blog because I’ve switched platforms. I decided to change from Blogger to WordPress almost entirely for aesthetic reasons (WordPress has more theme and layout options).

On to bigger and better things! I feel like I have finally turned a corner with my eating. I have been making itty bitty changes here and there and they are starting to stick. It’s nothing huge and I know there is still more to be done but for once I am feeling a lot more at peace. I’ve added more fruits and vegetables to my diet during the day and most importantly, I have made it a point to have a small salad before dinner almost every single day. I like it. It really does help to fill me up and it lets me know that I’m getting some vitamins and nutrients. I want to continue adding even more vegetables to my main course for dinner but this is a start.

Also, this may sound counterintuitive but for the last two months I have been baking up a storm. I decided to go with an idea that I had earlier in the year but didn’t stick with. The idea was that I can have baked goods if I want but I have to make them myself. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I love to bake and I find it reassuring to know that my cookies have just a few ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar and butter rather than a multitude of chemical names that I can’t pronounce.

In short, I’m feeling good. I know that I can do even better but for the first time in my life I actually feel at peace with myself and my eating.