Happy new year! Okay I’m a little late but hey, the holidays are for relaxing, right? I hope anyone reading this had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebration. This New Year’s Eve I found myself at a Catholic mass, which is pretty strange considering I’m not Catholic. It’s kind of a long story of how I ended up there but oddly enough, I actually got something out of the sermon. It was all about new year’s resolutions versus wishes. For instance, a wish might be “I am going to pass all of my exams” whereas a resolution would be “I am going to devote an extra hour everyday to my studies.” The difference is that one statement is really just the hope that something will happen while the other actually maps out a way to achieve the desired effect.

It got me thinking about my own resolutions and the one’s that we hear year after year. People make resolutions such as “I’m going to get into shape” or “I’m going to lose weight” without ever making a game plan. I think another problem is that people make incredibly lofty resolutions like “I’m going to go to the gym everyday!” and then beat themselves up when they inevitably break them. This year I decided to do my best to make realistic resolutions that also rely on a plan. Here they are:

1. Exercise! Start small by walking twice a week and then slowly work my way up to four times a week. Eventually incorporate other exercises like yoga and weights.

2. Journal everyday. This one isn’t so hard. I bought a Moleskine daily journal so I am limited to writing just one page everyday. Even if I only write a paragraph at least I’ve done it.

3. Start a real lifestyle change in terms of what and how I eat. I have finally given in and realized that I need more guidance on this one. And something has happened recently to make me realize how serious this whole weight thing really is. But more on that later.

For now, I hope everyone has gotten the new year off to a good start. And don’t worry if you’ve already fallen off the wagon, just get back on and start again tomorrow!