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Happy Saturday! I love Saturday as I’m sure most people do. Even though Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest I find that Saturday is my day to relax and take it easy. Of course with my personality, even my relaxation follows a bit of a schedule. Almost every single Saturday I follow the same routine. First I get up at 9am and listen to my favourite radio show The Vinyl Cafe while eating breakfast.

Later on, I head over to my neighbourhood grocery store to pick up lunch (every week I get the most delicious sandwich ever made) and my favourite newspaper. Once I’ve got my purchase together I walk back home and enjoy my sandwich with a big glass of chocolate milk. And finally, I open up my weekend edition of the newspaper, always starting with the horoscopes in the Style section. After that I don’t care what happens to my day but I love to have my little Saturday routine. What kind of weekend routines do you follow?