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It’s March! I love seeing the beginning of a new month and realizing that we are edging ever closer to spring. I don’t really like March though. In school it was always a time when I would be writing midterms in some classes (thanks to profs who didn’t understand that we were well past the middle of the term) and scrambling to get together a well written final essay for my other classes. Not only that but March is always disappointing in terms of the weather. Sure, the calendar says that spring starts on March 21st but where I live the month is full of cold, rainy weather. It’s a time when you not only still have to put on your winter coat, gloves and scarf but now you have to carry an umbrella as cold rain pours down day after day.

Despite the gloomy environment outside, I found that a quick trip to the mall was enough to get me excited about spring. Already the stores are selling cute dresses in pastel colours! There are shoes in all sorts of bright flowery patterns!

Almost every makeup company has released palettes in bright candy colours!

I even went into Bath & Body Works and was delighted to find that the sweet and spicy scents they had out during the holidays had been replaced with refreshing scents that fell along the lines of tropical fruit and fresh flowers. I picked up several of their wallflowers in Coconut Water and Lilac Blossom.

It might be a while until spring actually arrives but I think a few key purchases will tide me over until the coldness melts away and we actually start to feel the warm arrival of a new season.