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I’ve been getting back into exercising after years of only working out sporadically and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s not always easy to find exercise apparel to fit a bigger body so here are some items that I have found helpful.

1. Additional Elle sport bra

It’s really hard to find sports bras in larger sizes but Addition Elle has a pretty good range of sizes. This bra is comfortable and even has a bit of a terry cloth lining for the areas of the body that get extra sweaty. The straps fit well and the underwire doesn’t dig into my body. I would definitely recommend this to any plus size ladies in need of a sports bra.

2. Old Navy yoga pants

I’m not usually a fan of Old Navy because their clothing usually falls apart after two washes but I love their yoga pants. They go up to XXL and are very roomy. In addition to that some of their yoga pants even have pockets! I don’t necessarily need pockets but I like knowing that they’re there.

3. New Balance running shoes

This item doesn’t really relate to size. I recommend New Balance shoes to everyone regardless of age or size. Everyone in my family wears New Balance shoes when exercising. Like all running shoe companies they have a wide variety of styles so you can find whatever you’re looking for whether you are running, hiking or playing sports.

4. iPod

I simply couldn’t write a post about workout gear without including my iPod nano. Sure it might be possible to exercise without music but what’s the fun in that? Some people use their exercise time to listen to podcasts but when I’m working up a sweat I need some fast beats to keep me going.