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Every now and then there are fashion trends that seem to pop up everywhere and while everyone else is falling all over themselves about how cool the new trends are I find myself standing back and saying, “What?” There are a few that I have found particularly perplexing and yet I can’t seem to escape them.

1. Colour Blocking – Okay, colour blocking isn’t all bad. In fact with bright spring colours I kind of like it. But I often see it done in ways that I find unappealing, like having huge straps on shoes come in two or three different colours. Also I find that the colours people throw together are just too much for my eyes.

Kirsten Dunst wearing a colour blocked peplum outfit and looking understandably confused.

2. Peplum – While I was watching the Oscars this year it seemed like almost every other actress was wearing a peplum dress. I don’t even know how to describe this except to say that it’s like having a slim skirt and then having an extra shorter skirt on top. It kind of reminds me of a tulip. A lot of times the peplum is also in the form of having extra fabric attached to a shirt or jacket. Personally, I just don’t get the appeal of having extra fabric around one’s waist and hips. And as with many trends, it just seems like a sloppy throwback to a bygone era.

3. Drop waist – Okay, whose idea was this? I was browsing Refinery 29 one day and read an article where they beamed about how the doll dress shape had moved on from the “I swear I’m not pregnant” empire waist and was now embracing the drop waist. I still see nothing to celebrate. Let’s face it, any woman who isn’t shaped like an ironing board probably won’t look to great in a drop waist. For most of us it’s kind of like throwing on a colourful sack and hoping that no one notices the utter shapelessness of the outfit.

4. Ombre – For the past year or so it seems like every possible item of clothing has been following the ombre trend. I’d describe it simply as a fabric that starts out saturated with a certain colour and then fades to white or sometimes fades into another colour. Like this:

Now that’s not entirely bad but the other ombre trend I kept reading about was in regards to hair! As in women purposely having their hair blonde on the bottom and dark on top. In other words it kind of looked like every starlet in Hollywood just decided to let her dye job grow out for several months. Technically there’s nothing wrong with that but I just can’t see the appeal in having hair that looks like this (sorry, Drew).

By now you are probably thinking that I know nothing about fashion and am the least experimental person out there. That may be true. However, I will always believe that it is best to cultivate a strong sense of style rather than pouring your next pay check into a passing trend. Fashion is really all about choices and deciding what’s right for you. And these trends are definitely not right for me!