I’m going to start this post off by admitting that I am one of those women who has been planning my wedding on and off since I was a little girl. And no, I should not really be thinking about it because right now I am as single as can be. I think my wedding daydreaming comes partly from my love of design, decor and event planning. It also comes from knowing that being half Indian, whatever decision I make regarding a wedding (if the time comes) will be fraught with emotion and outside influences.

Last year my brother got married and well, it was a zoo. The guest list came in at just under 400 people, which may seem extreme until you consider the fact that we have been to several weddings with 800 to 1000 guests. No, really.

Although my brother’s wedding was beautiful I started to question the necessity of all the traditions and hullabaloo. When I look back on it, the elements that stand out to me are the following: my dad was stressed to the point of being almost unrecognizable, my family’s home felt like it was taken over by my entire extended family, and my parents spent an ungodly amount of money on an event that only lasted a matter of hours.

It was around this time that I happened to come across some videos of elopements on Design Sponge. The first one I saw featured a Toronto couple who decided to jet off to Paris to get married and spend the rest of their time wandering the city and enjoying each other’s company.

My jaw practically dropped when I saw this video. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding, one that was simple, fun and actually allowed the couple to enjoy themselves in the city of love, no less.

I don’t know why but it took me months to click on the Design Sponge link to another elopement video made for a couple who decided to get married at San Francisco’s city hall after their wedding quadrupled (!!!) in size and budget.

Once again, the video was a beautiful representation of the love that is shared by the couple. And at the end of the day, isn’t that was getting married is really all about? I have to admit, I already have a very clear idea of what I would want if I were to elope but perhaps I’ll save that for another day.