I first heard about Soak a few years ago when I discovered my now favourite lingerie store, Secrets From Your Sister. Soak is a laundry soap to use for hand wash only items. At first I figured it would be nothing special and didn’t want to try it. But the ladies at Secrets gave me a few samples to try (Soak comes in a variety of scents) so I gave it a go. Now I know raving about laundry soap may seem a bit out there but this stuff is amazing! The premise of Soak is that unlike other hand wash detergents, Soak only requires you to, well, soak your clothes in a mixture of the soap and water and then wring them out and hang them up to dry. Unlike the regular stuff, you don’t have to spend ages trying to rinse all of the detergent out of your clothes. I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to laundry so Soak is definitely a must have for me. Not only that but it has a lot of other uses. I now use it for all of my hand wash clothing, not just lingerie, and I also use it to clean my  makeup brushes.  I love the Lacey scent and as silly as it sounds, Soak has changed the way I look at laundry.