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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Lush fanatic. I first discovered Lush when I was 16 and exploring downtown Vancouver while on a family trip. As soon as I entered the Lush store I was hit with what seemed like a million different scents and I found myself completely fascinated by numerous products whose uses weren’t readily apparent. Over the years I became more and more of a Lush addict to the point that I even worked at a local Lush store during one incredible holiday season.

Since most of my friends know me as a bit of a Lush expert I have decided to share my knowledge with you! Okay, it’s not really knowledge so much as a list of my favourite products. For the most part my favourites are based on scent but some of them are also based on function. I’ve decided to start my list with the category that Lush is best known for: bath bombs! Let’s get started.

1. Honey Bee

This is a honey and toffee scented bath bomb that is oh so sweet and makes me wish I could stay in the bath forever!

2. Big Blue

I find Big Blue to be a refreshing and yet calming bath bomb. Its deep blue colour makes me feel like I’m floating in the middle of the ocean.

3. Butterball

This is a very unique bath bomb in that it not only has a lovely vanilla scent (perfect for when you want a relaxing bath before bedtime) but it also has little bits of cocoa butter in it to help moisturize your skin.

4. Mrs. Whippy

This is probably the most unique bath bomb I’ve ever seen. Unlike other bath bombs, Mrs. Whippy whirls around in the bathtub as it slowly dissolves. This is another bath bomb that is meant to help moisturize dry skin.

5. Sakura

I will admit that this is a bath bomb I don’t purchase often but when I do the scent immediately makes me think of spring when everything is starting to bloom.

So there you have it! This was just the first post in a series of my guide to the best that Lush has to offer.