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Have you started watching Girls yet? I first heard about this show several months back when I saw a preview for it on my favourite entertainment website. I found the trailer incredibly entertaining and my first thought was, “I can’t wait to start watching that show.” And then the show premiered! And the premiere was awful. Well, not awful but it certainly wasn’t what I had expected. However, something made me tune in again the following week. And the week after that. And before I knew it I was hooked on a show that is actually very funny, witty and insightful. In fact, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the show and am even considering writing several posts about it. After all, this show has hit a lot of nerves with me, including but not limited to the subjects of: really bad sex, unemployment as a twentysomething, flaky friends, and finally that friend who should break up with her boyfriend but keeps avoiding it because she’s somehow more comfortable staying in an unfulfilling relationship than being alone. As you can see, I am really into this show! I highly suggest you check it out on Sunday evenings on HBO.