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A friend of mine visited recently and I did my best to show her the best of Toronto but sadly I only scratched the surface. While compiling a list of places to take my friend I realized that there are so many things I love about this city.

I love living in a city with a huge public library system. I love living in a city where driving is more often a hindrance than a necessity. I love that Toronto has so many patios so that we can eat and drink while enjoying the fresh air and people watching. I love that I can go to Fran’s at 3am and have the big breakfast after a night of clubbing. I love that I can walk to the Riverdale Farm and suddenly feel like I am no longer in a big city. The same goes for heading to the beach and sitting on the sand while watching the waves. I love that the city is a cultural hub that offers numerous museums, art galleries, dance companies and so on. I love that there is a neverending cycle of festivals, especially in the summer, including but not limited to NXNE, Luminato, Fringe Festival, Pride, Caribana, Taste of Little Italy and the Canadian National Exhibition. I love that I have my pick of farmer’s markets where I can buy fresh local produce. I love that so often the city pulls together to do what’s best. Toronto may not be perfect but it’s my city. And as I have said many times now, I love it.