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I saw this image floating around Facebook several months ago and I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s the perfect illustration of the difference between introverts and extroverts. I enjoy going out with friends but I tend more towards being an introvert. I enjoy spending time alone, whether it’s going for a walk, heading out to the library or taking my laptop to a coffee shop to work alone. That’s why this past weekend was such a strange change of pace for me.

On Friday I went out with a friend to see Magic Mike. As expected, it was over the top ridiculous and silly fun. After the movie we went out for drinks. That was great but then on Saturday I went out again, not once but twice. First I met up with an old friend for dinner. Then I went home, prepped myself out for what is usually the biggest night of Pride and met up with some friends for drinking (far too much) and dancing. Normally if I go out two nights in a row I turn into a hermit for 24 hours and don’t leave my apartment. But Sunday was a huge day. It was not only Toronto’s Pride parade but it was also Canada Day and the final game of the Euro Cup (go Spain!). Once again, I forced myself to get up and go watch part of the parade and chat with friends. I wasn’t out for very long but it was long enough for me.

By Sunday night I had had enough. I stayed in and watched tv. My experience definitely reinforced what I already knew about myself; I like to go out but only in small doses. I’m already thinking that I might spend this Friday at home watching some silly shows on TLC but then again, if my phone rings and one of my friends wants to go out I will be more than willing to have a night on the town.