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I have a confession to make: even though it’s July and I love summer especially because it’s so short lived I can’t stop thinking about autumn. I blame this on Pinterest. Suddenly I started seeing fall themed pins showing up on my page. It wasn’t much at first. A Halloween door decor pin here, a Thanksgiving centrepiece there. But soon I found myself searching “fall” and “Halloween” on Pinterest. Then while browsing Breakfast at Toast I discovered that Williams Sonoma already has their fall line available. Before I knew it I was searching for my other favourite sign of fall: the home scent line from Bath & Body Works. Last year I went completely bonkers over their Fall/Halloween line. I bought FOUR candle holders, which included a Halloween scene, Frankenstein, pumpkin and skeleton, and a multitude of scented candles with names like “Creamy Pumpkin” and “Spiced Apple Cider”.

And since Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October, I’m also pondering what to put on the menu this year. I’ve been trying to think up the perfect vegetable side dish (brussels sprouts? glazed green beans?) and am considering making both a pecan tart and a chocolate pumpkin cake for dessert.

I’m not sure what has brought this on. After all, I know that I have an idealized image of fall (sweaters, fall colours, beautiful weather that only requires a cardigan or light jacket) that very rarely comes to fruition. Maybe it’s because I’m an October baby. But for whatever reason, and despite my attempts to live in the present, I can’t stop dreaming about fall.