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It’s been a while since I’ve explored the world of Lush so I decided that now was the right time to tell you about my favourite Lush soaps! Here we go:

1. Figs and Leaves

This may not be the prettiest soap but it has a beautiful light soap that is practically the essence of spring time. I usually use this soap in March when I’m praying for the weather to start warming up.

2. Honey I Washed The Kids

This soap smells like honeycomb. Need I say more?

3. Rock Star

This was the first ever Lush soap I bought waaaay back in 2001. It’s pink and smells like a candy factory and yet isn’t over the top.

And now for the shower gels:

1. Flying Fox

This one has been a bestseller at Lush for years and I think I know why: it is like sex in a bottle. Shower with this and I can guarantee you’ll feel like a goddess.

2. It’s Raining Men

This is another sexy smelling shower gel although it’s also got the honey scent of Honey I Washed The Kids. It was originally a limited edition item but there was so much demand that they made it part of the regular line.

3. Sonic Death Monkey

Normally I wouldn’t include something from the Retro line because it’s only available online but I had to include this one. Sonic Death Monkey was my first ever Lush shower gel and I was devastated when they took it off the shelves. It smells like oranges and chocolate and its name is a reference to High Fidelity. What’s not to like?