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For the last few weeks my diet has had a distinct lack of fruits and vegetables. Yes, that says weeks because it all started when I went to Vancouver for my cousin’s wedding on August 17th. Sure I may have had a smattering of vegetables, a few spoonfuls of fruit and maybe a tiny bit of caesar salad during the festivities but for the most part, there weren’t many fruits and vegetables to be found. It only got worse as my vacation continued and I found myself continually facing dinners that consisted of barbecue, pizza or tacos. In fact I had consumed so much unhealthy food that I told myself that as soon as I got back to Toronto I would go on some kind of detox diet. The first night back I didn’t get home until 10 pm so I ordered a pizza.

I assumed I would improve from there and although I bought some packaged salad and a cucumber to go with it, most of my meals just weren’t healthy. For some reason it just kept going, too. I had the pizza for a few days, then instead of making myself food I gave into a craving for Thai food, which also gave me leftovers for days. Then before I knew it I was ordering pizza again.

Suffice it to say, I feel like crap. People often talk about the negative effects of an unhealthy diet and hoo boy, I am living them! I am exhausted and my stomach hurts. I have actually gotten to the point where my body is craving vegetables. I’m honestly not sure why I let it go on for so long but I have promised myself that tomorrow I will finally go out and buy proper food. I just hope that this is one lesson I never forget.