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Another Christmas has come and gone and now New Year’s Eve is almost here. What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? I grew up going to parties thrown by my parents’ friends. Every year I dreaded going to them. I knew that I was in for a few hours of extremely loud bhangra music while trying to awkwardly interact with the other kids in “the group”. I never wanted to go but since I was underage I had to go along with whatever my parents did.

When I got a bit older I had a few years of going out for NYE. I went clubbing a few times and to the occasional house party. Like most people, however, I soon discovered that New Year’s Eve was overrated. Going out to a club for New Year’s entails buying tickets in advance, trying to wear something that’s a little sexy but won’t leave you totally freezing (note: slush and high heels do not mix), and of course, waiting ages for service at the bar because it’s totally overcrowded. And don’t forget that it’s virtually impossible to get a cab because everyone else in the city is also out celebrating.

Finally I decided that I had had enough of trying to go out for some “amazing” New Year’s Eve only for it to become a mess. For the last five years or so I have started a little tradition of my own. I pick up some Chinese food for the entire family and we have a delicious feast after having eaten nothing but turkey for a week. Then my mom and I watch the latest Harry Potter movie while drinking cocktails. We time it so that the movie is over about five minutes before the countdown in Times Square and then we ring in the new year! It might sound a bit boring but I love it. I don’t have to worry about going out and I know that I’ll always make it to my bed safely. Now that the Harry Potter movies are done we’re going to watch other things (this year it’s the 25th anniversary DVD of The Phantom of the Opera!). It may not be for everyone but I love our little low-key celebration.