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Well, this post is pretty self-explanatory. One week ago I became an aunt. My brother and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Unfortunately I was out of town during the birth but my mother and I were able to rush back home on the day my niece was born. After four hours on the 401 we drove straight to the hospital and saw my adorable 14 hour old niece. I spent the next three days spending as much time as possible with her. My brother was impressed that I was able to hold his little girl for hours at a time and rock her just gently enough that she would stay asleep while her mother got some rest or went for a shower. And even though my back and shoulders would ache after a while I felt like I could have held my niece all day and all night.

I used to think it was weird when people seemed totally obsessed with their nieces or nephews but now I totally get it. I’m not ready to be a mother yet but I have so much love for this little baby that I feel like my heart could explode. Since I’ve come back to Toronto I’ve been badgering my brother for daily pictures and updates of his little munchkin. I truly can’t wait to see her again.